Emotional Surgery:
New Modern Repair of Post Modern Chaos
Riggs Bailey Roberts, MD


Precise Identification of vulnerabilities made possible by understanding 'How the Mind Works'.   
Modern Psychopharmacology offers partial emotional protection from overwhelming,
devastating, and debilitating emotional, somatic, pain--provoking, uncontrollable
'Emotional Reflexes', ("I had no choice").   

This can be thought of as offering 'Emotional Morphine',
a type of partial 'Emotional Anesthetic', achieving a percentage symptom reduction,
or as though applying an 'Emotional Cast' around broken and hurting feelings.   
With an "Emotional Analgesic", by relieving some of the pain,
this allows discussion of 'How the Mind Works' to begin.  

Recognizing supersensitive, emotionally charged, reflexive responses as
cascades of interconnected sequences and patterns of familiar personality,
allows the introduction of attractive alternative options in the tug of war between stories.  

Understanding does not change Emotional Anatomy--still,
'Gratitude reboots the machine'
--and allows repeated opportunities for recognizing counterproductive patterns
and alternative wise choices.   

Further examination of 'Emotional Anatomy' is made possible by the partially modified 'Emotional Reflexes'
which trigger 'Emotional Cascades'
and force behaviors, often counterproductive and painful,
'pain teaches'.  

Historically we claimed to 'correct chemical imbalance'.
Rather I submit, our psychotropics are modifying 'emotional reflexes'
and/or by modifying the perception of emotional somatic pain.

Pharmacotherapy alone or Cognitive Therapy alone offer 60% improvement of symptoms in 6 months.   
When an understanding of 'How the Mind Works' is added to Psychopharmacology,
80% improvement is observed.   

Emotional Surgery precisely identifies broken Emotional Anatomy.   
Understanding 'How the Mind Works' offers the freedom to choose
'Contribution to Solution'.  

Important and valuable for the future of freedom,
the choices you make,
make a difference.   

The Story of Freedom inspires your free choice to spot and acknowledge
the 'Stuck in a box' emotional tangles,
Guerrilla Wrestling,
in opposition to free gifts of wisdom,
for good and great purposes.
Gratitude is the only logical response.
People are the product of freedom.

"Gratitude reboots the machine"
Intelligent Design

Prefrontal Plasticity meets Emotional Anatomy


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