People are the Product of Freedom

Twenty-first Century Animated Super Hero
Terrorist Traitors of Enron et al

Emotions are used
to keep you confused
Guerrilla Mind Warfare

Good for goodness sake.
Magnificent Story Telling around the world
is convincing evidence for intentional, intelligent,
powerfully profound, visionary leadership behind
the intelligent design of creation mythologies,
told and retold for thousands of years.
Stories Powerful enough to capture
the attention of generations and
survive Guerrilla Wrestling,
The tug of war between stories,
good for goodness sake.
Magnificent Creation
The Story of Freedom
Intelligent Design

We need you now more than ever

Welcome to Generation Wisdom.

By arriving at this page, you have discovered curiosity enough to wonder,

What is this doctor talking about.

Stay tuned!

Gen 'W' Radio

Never give up.

We need you now more than ever.

People are the product of freedom.


Generation Wisdom tells the story of freedom,

everybody helping everybody else

to become better and better,

See the Movie

The New Movie

The Big Movie

The Wonder Movie

What gets in the way?

The tug of war between stories.

Personal Pleasures?

Freedom to refuse?

Captured by guerrilla forces everywhere,

Stuck in a box.

This is World War III.

Saving Private Ryan everyone of us,

Free the Genius of the people

one person at a time.

People of Freedom


In the tug of war between stories,
to inspire us all alive in this guerrilla wrestling,
we are telling the story of freedom, our legacy to the world.   
How the mind works, returns emphasis upon leadership roles we anticipate for our children.
The language used by 'Role Models' not only challenges students to find passion in their creative pursuit of personal excellence,
but consciously inspires personal significance and responsibility in the desire to shape the future of our planet and its people.
The mind is intelligently designed to function most effectively when it thinks of itself as meaningful and purposeful.
We are witnessing the emergence of a new 'Generation Wisdom', everybody helping everybody else.
Dr. Gilgamesh® speaks the Spoken Operating System for the Future of Freedom.
As educators, we are responsible for maturing this phenomena in our students.
Addictions cover the pain of perceived insignificance.

Not only Bevis and Butthead

Stuck in a Box.

Pain Teaches




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