Prefrontal Plasticity meets Emotional Anatomy
Riggs Bailey Roberts, MD

Established for self protection,
intense feeling states reflexively force behaviors according to prefrontal etchings.
Psychotropic medications modify the intensity of 'Emotional Reflexes',
allowing conscious recognition of 'Emotional Anatomy'.
Familiarity with patterns and sequences of feeling driven, counterproductive behavior,
offers freedom to choose.
Gratitude reboots the machine.
The emotionally patterned thought process begins again.
Through lenses of Awe and Wonder,
rewarding, intelligently designed imagination is free to choose wisely
in the tug of war between stories,
magnificent options.
Free the genius of your people.

'Repetition Compulsion' reflects PET and fMRI confirmed neuroanatomic circuitry and instructs empirical cognitive science.
Changing conceptually dynamic neurophysio-chemical models
challenges stubborn medical science.
'Correcting chemical balances' may actually be a counter productive cognitive precept.
More appropriately, normal brain responding normally to anatomically intense stimuli without learned choice.
Consider: Psychotropic medications modify 'emotional reflexes',
permitting a more accurate description of prefrontal pathways
stimulated and reinforced by self protecting, self perpetuating
emotional anatomy
(unique personality--behavioral thumb prints--emotional cascades
--behavioral profiling--reflexively provoked prefrontal etchings--self justification
--the tug of war between stories).

Compassionate intelligence exercises linguistic,
artistic, physical, scientific, emotional and global visionary cognition
to inspire participation in shaping a reproducible language of
'Emotional Surgery',
offering freedom to choose.

Through the neuroanatomic lens of awe and wonder,
collateral prefrontal pathways reveal glimpses of exciting alternative story lines
at war for possession of attention.
When a more powerful story is introduced,
free choice begins--
most magnificent or something else.
Gratitude reboots the machine--
Intelligent Design.

Reflexive cascades of patterns and sequences in emotion mediated circuitry
repeat behaviors which were originally established as perhaps pleasure seeking,
pridefully rewarding successes or self protective escape
from intense emotional somatic pain.  

Emotional reflexes cascade
into repeatedly forced return of counterproductive,
'addicted' denial patterns in thought and behavior. 

Inspired by glimpsing through the anatomic lens of awe and wonder,
the monumental visionary revelation of free will
collaborates in choosing productive collateral pathways,
telling a story of 'hope' 'for the future of freedom'
in the tug of war between stories --
'prefrontal plasticity'.   
Intelligently designed, magnificent creation,
powerfully rewards free choice for personal significance.

Psychotropic medications modify emotional reflexes.  
Emotional analgesics modify the intensity of emotional somatic pain
and allow conversations to begin.  
Alternative prefrontal pathways (story telling)
of naturally rewarding personal significance
to transgenerational story telling can be discussed.   

Waves of emotion predictably overwhelm,
natural navigation relies upon gifts of emotional somatic clues (instincts),
pain teaches,
gratitude reboots the machine,
inspired to teach our children,
people are the product of freedom.

Emotional somatic pain generates cognitive environments vulnerable to
manipulations, confusions, misinterpretations and lies.  

In that you carry hope for the world,
you are the 'Protobaggins' agreeing to protect your ring of power from wrong possession,
return it to the creator,
and offer your personally significant contribution to solution,
good for goodness sake.
People of freedom choosing good for God's sake.   
This is Magnificent Man/Woman choosing wisely
their personal best in relationships with others, yet free to refuse --
Intelligent Design

It is spontaneous response to intense emotional anatomy which forces behavior according to prefrontal etchings,
WWIII, Holy War, Guerrilla Wrestling, Lullaby.
The Tug of War Between Stories
Guerrilla Mind Warfare
The Story of Freedom
Leadership functions to induce environments conducive to freedom.
People are the product of freedom.


Guerrilla Mind Warfare:
The Structure and Dynamics of Emotional Anatomy



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