The Tug of War Between Stories

A Spoken Operating System

The Story of Freedom

You are The Chooser


for example

Peter Russel writes 'Waking Up In Time' and argues the concept of "evolving consciousness".
"We are all standing on the spiritual shoulders of those who have gone before. The more fully
adults awaken from their dreams, the less likely they are to infect their children with the erroneous
thinking and value systems that so troubles our world. Not having so much conditioning to unlearn
as their parents did, the next generation could mature that much more quickly....The net result of
these feedback loops is that spiritual evolution will wind itself into ever-faster rates of progress as
surely as our material evolution has."

This book by Peter Russel was circulated by the Institute of Noetic Sciences, researchers in human
consciousness.  About IONS Russel writes, "It is a place where people come together to share their
visions and aspirations for a better world."  "The greatest challenge facing humanity today at this
critical stage in its evolution is an inner challenge.  Can we become more conscious?   Can we
discover our full mental and spiritual potentials, and live them in our daily lives?   Can we
wake up to what it means to be a human being?"

The Epic of Gilgamesh offers evidence the mind of mankind is unchanged over
5,000 years of time:

Emoitional Anatomy is as real as Physical Anatomy, intelligently designed.
'Stuck in a Box' is how the mind works; for good and great purposes.
Compassionate leadership collaborates contribution to solution.
Freedom to choose means, you make a difference.
People are the Product of Freedom.
Before you 'Evolve'
You are the chooser

Just as Gilgamesh learned long ago,
we cannot wait for conceptual evolution.
Leadership must actively engage in recruiting
free people into a more powerful vision.
People are the product of freedom.
This is World War III.

The mind is designed to see through
emotional lenses of Awe and Wonder

The Tug of War Between Stories

Gratitude Reboots the Machine

The Spoken Operating System

Powerful Compulsions Rule

Intelligently Designed

The Story of Freedom

You are The Chooser

Emotional Anatomy

Emotional Lensing

Awe and Wonder

The New Movie

Pain Teaches


Leadership, Stuck in a Box, is easily distracted by claiming their needs for an 'evolution of consciousness'
just as people in general are distracted away from accurate descriptions of how their mind works.

You are awesomely unique, important and valuable for the future of freedom!!
The choices you make, make a difference.
The stories you tell, the people you meet,
spread the core value vision into the streets.
What gets in the way?
Behavioral Addictions
Chemical Addictions
Attitude Addictions
Tricked & Trapped

Stuck in a Box



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